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Dr. Jocelyn Hallen
Your Waukesha Chiropractor

"I began seeing Dr. Jocelyn when she began her practice about 15 years ago. Prior to seeing her, I'd seen multiple other chiropractors in the Waukesha area for a recurring back problem I've had since I was young. Previously I had never experienced the type of chiropractic care she provides. She's compassionate & listens to the patient, treating the symptoms. She varies the treatment across all of her patients. I will say I have not seen her on a regular basis for preventative therapy as I should. I usually come when I've done something to my back or another part of my body and I'm in considerable pain. She always has a smile on her face when she sees me and asks if I'm having the same problem with my back.

Dr. Jocelyn always makes her patients feel welcome and important. She's an advocate of stretching exercises which she'll let her patients know what to do to improve their condition. She always knows I have tight hamstrings since I don't stretch them as often as I should. She'll sometimes smile to let me know she knows. I have no excuses!

She'll also ask if I need other areas adjusted (foot, hand, neck, etc) before my appointment. This is greatly appreciated. She often finds painful areas I didn't even know I had which amazes me.
She's very skilled in her profession and I strongly recommend going to her. I will never go to another chiropractor as long as she's in Waukesha. Her office also provides a complete compliment of other services such as massage, acupuncture, and yoga."
- Joe Boppre

"Dr. Suzi, Debbi and Dr. Jocelyn are a most amazing team and have helped me tremendously with my fibromyalgia pain. I live a life with more pain free days than painful days and I am so thankful for their healing hands."
- Cecelia Blenker

"Dr. Jocelyn is amazing! Love seeing her for chiropractic care, Anna and Debbie are both great for massage."
- Dani Krueger

"Love these guys! Dr. Jocelyn helped me through my first pregnancy and again through my second-not sure what I would have done without the adjustments! Dr. Suzi also helped flip baby number one head down through acupuncture! These women are amazing! Such a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere!"
- Jessica Malik

"Love this place! Chiropractor is excellent; very professional and personable! I love that I can call in the morning and most of the time they are able to fit me in within 30 minutes. I've seen Dr. Jocelyn, and I love that she is an athlete and can give me good tips on stretches and exercises that will help my back. The doctor really listens to your needs and fit treatment to them. I recommend this place for anyone looking for exceptional chiropractors!"
- Megan Gardner

"I started seeing Dr. Jocelyn about 5-months ago and I can say, without a doubt, that I wouldn't be able to do my job without her. Not only is she fabulous, but the entire staff is wonderful. I love that I can call in the morning and most times, I can get an appointment later that day."
- Amy Frank

"She always gets me feeling better! Highly recommended! I've tried other places and always ended up coming back."
- Rebecca Anderson

"Love this clinic, the doctors and the staff!"
-Carol Sumbry

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